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    Where do I turn to if I want to contribute to some open source projects?
    Also, how do I find the right projects belonging to areas I can contribute to?

  • hi @hundredrab even though I am not that of an active contributor to Open Source Repositories, but still I may provide a few tips to all.

    • Find an open source software/package that you understand or are passionate about. You must be using or have heard of some Open Source Organisations like Libre Office, Mozilla, Fedora, etc. Still clueless about what I am talking about?? browse for some in Google Codejam -> archive -> year(2017/2016). Find organizations and what they do.
    • Once you have done a little bit of research on the organization and what they develop go to their repository. Generally, all you need to do is Google : <name of organizations> contribute.
    • After going to the contributor’s doc, look for the link to their repository, IRC Channel, subscribe to their email list.
    • Hanging out in the IRC Channel is pretty good. You can use freenode for this.
    • Go to repository -> open issues. Look for tags like good first time contributors or easy.
    • Read through the discussions in that issue, post a comment there to get a clear picture of what is required.
    • When you know what to do, read their how to contribute. Every organization has a set of rules which need to be followed if you want to submit a PR.
    • Fork their repository, and submit a pull request.

    Voilla!! You are done baby !! :dark_sunglasses:

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    @DubeySandeep can answer this best I think. My suggestion will start today if possible.

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